Secure Workloads & Applications with MyCloud

Multinet’s commitment to excellence is evident in our approach. We employ best-in-breed technologies with continuous edge-to-cloud protection for your data and applications with regulatory compliance. Rest assured that your business data and applications are shielded from threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance challenges.

Anti Spam

The advanced anti-spam solution stands as a robust shield against a wide array of threats, safeguarding your organization from targeted attacks and providing comprehensive protection against ransomware, viruses, and phishing attempts.

Next Generation Firewall

We provide businesses with increased control over cloud infrastructure while safeguarding servers and networks. Utilize our cutting-edge next-generation firewall to fortify your servers against malicious activities and external threats.

SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate encrypts the data transmission between client and server applications.

Web Application Firewall

Ensure the safety of your websites and web-based applications by availing MyCloud WAF security services, which offer protection against the OWASP Top 10 attacks.


Protect your cloud VM virtual disks with encryption. The virtual disks are now secured using the robust AES-256 algorithm.

Endpoint Protection

Enhance the security of your cloud infrastructure, maintain regulatory compliance, and identify opportunities to optimize cloud spend with the world’s leading endpoint protection solution.

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